Frequently Asked Questions

How can i contact you?

  1. Email us at
  2. OR Hit the chat button on the corner of your screen

What are differences the waist trainers vs wraps vs belts?

Check out my Instagram reels! Where i physically try on my products and give an in-depth description.

What's my size in your leggings?

Check out our size charts below or in our product description!

How do I properly measure your body?

Grab your tape measure and check out this great detailed article. Click Here

In Summary, "The tape should be a bit snug, but not tight - it should not "dig in" or make an indentation in the body.  It should not be loose, either!  Just wrap the tape around the area of the body being measured and hold it in place.  You should be able to put a finger behind the tape, but no more than that."

How do I put on my waist trainer wrap?

How do I use the Resistance Bands?

Lets workout! Check out these workouts.

Click Here

How do I use the LONG resistance band?

Lets workout! Check out these workouts.

Upper Body

Booty workout

Where can I follow you for more content?

Click the social media icons on our footer!

Do you have a workout playlist?

Yes of course on my Instagram i share alot of reels!

Better Yet Click Here !!

  • Support Belt Size Chart

  • Sauna Leggings & Biker Short Chart

  • Hour Glass Waist Trainer